There’s nothing like a comeback to make you feel good about life. And that’s exactly what BLACKPINK did for their fans with the release of their new album, Shut Down.

The girls from YG Entertainment came back stronger than ever and the proof is in their music. Comeback With A Bang: BLACKPINK’s New Song “Shut Down”

 Their latest single “Stay” from their previous album is still one of the most played K-pop songs on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Now, Blackpink is back with an even stronger comeback, proving that they are here to stay for a long time.

 Despite being active for only two years as K-pop group, BLACKPINK has already achieved so many things:

The track “Shut Down” is the title track of BLACKPINK’s third studio album and it shows a more mature, stronger side of the group.

“Shut Down” is one of the best BLACKPINK songs yet. You can definitely see the growth of the group in this new single.

And while we already know that BLACKPINK can bring the heat, the song shows a completely different side of the group, a side that we didn’t see before.

The last time we saw YG this active was in 2014 with the release of 2NE1’s second studio album. He promised to “save” K-pop by bringing new groups on the scene.

YG has a really good reputation when it comes to music production. They’ve been one of the best K-pop labels in the industry for a long time now.