Drake is one of the biggest artists in the world right now, so it's no surprise that he gets a lot of attention.

 Unfortunately, not all of it is positive. Recently, one music critic started a witch hunt against Drake by leaking fake DMs he claimed to have received from the Toronto rapper.

The controversy blew up and even though it didn’t make much sense, many people bought into it and believed everything they heard about Drake.

However, that wasn’t enough for Anthony Fantano. The YouTuber has been known to be incredibly petty in the past, so he concocted another plan to bring more attention to himself at Drizzy’s expense.

He posted an 11-minute video on his channel titled “DRAKE LEAKS AND PRIVATE DMS EXPOSED?” and included clips from what he claimed were leaked DMs between him and Drake.

Fantano then released another video later that same day with another angle on the same topic called “MORE LEAKED DRAKE DM SENDINGS?”

That way, if anyone forgot about his first video or just didn’t see it yet, they would know about this new angle on something that was very clearly staged from the get go…

Even the most seasoned artists can have an off day. You can usually tell when an artist is phoning it in, and that’s because their music just doesn’t feel authentic.