When "Reboot" first aired on NBC in 1998, it was a hit with viewers. The sci-fi show was set in the future and starred Antonio Banderas as the leader of a resistance against an evil empire.

But within months of its premiere, fans were confused over who exactly was behind the show and what it actually represented.

Fans thought that Antonio Banderas' character, General Rufus Turner, was linked to both Star Wars and Marvel's Doctor Strange.

 Others believed that the show was just another copy of "The Matrix. The reboot of the popular TV series " rebooting" was met with mixed reactions from viewers and cast members alike.

 Among those who enjoyed the new show, there was confusion over what exactly had happened to the original characters.

Cast members were quoted as saying that they were left “disoriented” by the change in show premise.

One actor even said he “didn’t know if I wanted to return” because of how much he didn’t understand what had happened.

The rebooted version of the iconic sci-fi series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The show was produced by "Screen Gems" and co-produced by "Sony Television". The fourth season was filmed in Vancouver from August to October 2015.

A new set was constructed at the "Penthouse" Studio in Vancouver and used for the first time on a show.