Ryan Reynolds is raising attention about colon cancer screenings by telling his story about the procedure. 

 The "Deadpool" star shared a video from colon health organization Lead From Behind in association with the Colon Cancer Alliance on Tuesday that detailed his colonoscopy procedure.

The video, which featured "Always Sunny In Philadelphia" actor Rob McElvaney, 

who is also the chairman of Wrexham AFC (Welsh football club), opened with the two men explaining that Reynolds bet McElvaney that he wouldn't learn to speak Welsh.

 And, if he did, Reynolds promised to film his colonoscopy. Dr. Jonathan LaPook led Reynolds' procedure and told him that he found an "extremly subtle polyp" on his right side of his colon.

"This was potentially lifesaving," LaPook told the actor. "This is exactly what you do."

The American Cancer Society says there is no sure way to prevent colo-rectal cancer, but there are things that you can do to help lower your risk.

At the top is getting screened for colo-rectal cancers, just like Reynolds.