Saweetie has often been linked to some of hip hop's hottest men.

 From Keith Powers, Justin Combs, and allegedly, Lil Baby, the Iced girl's dating life has been an ongoing source of discussion ever since she hit the music scene.

However, fans couldn't seem to shake her 2 and half-year relationship with Migos' Quavo.

The Migos member and the "Hotel Lobby"-rapper parted ways last year over something she considered to be a betrayal.

No further details about the breakup were revealed, but Saweeti did open up about the love affair on the latest episode of Careesh Please.

The City Girl Host grilled Saweetie over her former relationship with the Migos rapper, asking, "did Quavo ever cheat?

 "Without giving a direct answer, Saweetie made a face while replying, "I think the pass is the past, and I've moved on since then.

"Yung Miami followed up with another question, asking Saweitie though her relationship with Quavio was "toxic".

 "I think we had a lot of growing pains together," she replied. "With him, I knew it was the one.

It's different." Since parting ways, Saweetie's had her fair share of rumored relationships.

Earlier this year, people started speculating that she was dating Keith Powers after seeing them at a mutual friend's party.